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Be-Simple solutions have been designed to simplify your work and to offer IT services that suit your needs. Be-Simple provides solutions both on-site and in the cloud, thus helping you spare precious resources for your core business.

BEside: Technology Advisors


BEside is a consultancy service that helps customers finding the most suitable IT solutions and meeting the needs of the reference market.
We have a deep passion for technology that makes us curious and pushes us to test new solutions and to check their quality from different perspectives. By doing so, we provide our customers with the best options of the market. Our knowledge and expertise will help you choose the ICT infrastructure that best suits your business needs, decide for an on-site or in the cloud implementation, design a system architecture, and develop an appropriate activation plan.


BEside services:
• Analysis and feasibility studies
• Preparation of technical documents
• Cloud Migration Assessment
• Design and re-engineering of IT infrastructures
• Analysis and design of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions (Business Impact Analysis)
• Design of security and data management solutions
• Design of custom application
• Design of general-purpose application solutions: CRM, Document & Content Management
• Project management

BEcome: Transformation Services


Our BEcome services turn an idea or a project into a deliverable service. Our skills and expertise become systems, applications, IT services. Complementarity is at the basis of our approach: we can run the whole project as system integrators, or execute a part of it in collaboration with your trusted partners, or provide you with the skills you need to independently manage it.


On-site solutions:
• Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
• Server and Storage Virtualization
• Desktop Virtualization
• Domains and Services Migration
• Backup/Restore
• Document & Content Management, Electronic Invoicing and Storage
• Network, Web, and Email Security
• Creating Web and/or Multi-Tenant and/or Mobile Applications


Cloud-based solutions:
The cloud is our vocation. No matter if the cloud is public, private, or hybrid. We will get you there. We have a long experience in the field of cloud-based technology. This means we can manage even the most complex projects, and migrate some applications to the cloud while leaving the most critical ones on-site. Thanks to the expertise of our software development team, Be-Simple ensures a smooth migration and a perfect harmony between these two worlds.
Once your services/applications are in the “cloud”, we will manage them efficiently and safely and you will not need to care about them any more.
If you need more than just migrating your applications in the cloud, we can provide you with a wide range of general-purpose services and applications through IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) solution portfolio:


Disaster Recovery Service
• Server Infrastructure and Basic Software with Microsoft Azure Platform
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Be-Simple Vela™, for project accounting.


Our cloud-based IT infrastructures and applications make use of the best technology available in the market, selected by Be-Simple for both functionality richness and reliability.


The Cloud is not a vision for the future but a concrete opportunity that many companies have already seized thanks to Be-Simple.

BEyond: IT Service Management


Once the new solution is running, Be-Simple can go BEyond and manage it for you. With BEyond services we will safely manage your information systems for you. We can care about the complete management of your solutions regardless of their location: on-site, within our infrastructure or in a hybrid system. From SMEs to large companies, we offer modular customer services, meeting every need at the best price.


On-site services:
• SLA-based customer service agreement
• Remote and on-site assistance
• Trouble-ticketing support system
• System administrator protection


Cloud-based services:
• Systems and applications full management
• User support and trouble-ticketing

Find out more about my simple office


A service targeted to professionals and small enterprises

MySimpleOffice is the perfect ICT infrastructure management solution for those who want all the typical functions large companies require, without worrying about how to manage servers, licenses, networks and in-house technical staff. Our offer can be completely customized at a very accessible cost.

MySimpleOffice is composed of:



We monitor and manage your remote server and ensure continuity of service. We use cutting-edge and powerful management tools to analyze performances in real-time and preventing problems. All our products are guaranteed and constantly updated, and support is included.



A carefree and all-inclusive solution for all PCs connected to your network. It includes remote support, virus and malware protection, updates and maintenance, as well as on-site technical assistance.



This service protects your sensitive data from being corrupted or stolen. It carries out a safe and fast remote backup and allows you to choose to either save your documents in shared folders or on your PC.